Annual Conferences of Iranian Association for Logic

Iranian Association for Logic (IAL) (founded in 2012) is the unique national NGO for mathematical and philosophical logic in Iran. Almost all Iranian logic professors and students are its members.

In December 2015, they had their third annual conference in Tarbiat Modares University of Tehran.  IAL annual conference is considered as an important national event in Iranian logic community which brings together many researchers. It is an exciting exhibition for all existing logic schools in Iran, an opportunity for researchers in different fields of mathematical and philosophical logic to present their latest advancements in logic.

In my point of view the interdisciplinary nature of IAL annual conference is one of its most interesting characteristics which allows people to learn more about what is going on in the other parts of logic. It is also a great opportunity for young researchers to meet their colleagues and find some common grounds for collaboration in their future research.

Thanks to the conference organizers, I had the chance to contribute to the conference for the second consecutive year. The event usually has some invited speakers often from Iranian logic researchers who live out of Iran too.

This year the conference had also a special ceremony in the honor of Prof. Ziya Movahed (photo) the founder and former director of Iranian Association for logic who is a famous logician, philosopher and poet in Iran. He recently became retired after years of scientific and academic work. I also want to thank him for all his efforts during the past years for founding and managing the IAL organization and wish the bests for all members of Iranian logic community and its new administrative board.

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