The Upcoming Logic and Set Theory Conferences

The European Set Theory Society (ESTS) recently announced a fairly comprehensive list of upcoming set theory conferences on its website. Some other set theory and logic conferences also could be found on Conference ServiceSet Theory Talks, and MODNET. I combined them all into the following (open-ended) list and added some of my friends’ suggestions as well. Please help to complete the list if you are aware of any related international event.


April 08, Géométrie et Théorie des Modèles, Paris, France.

April 09, Appalachian Set Theory workshop: Itay Neeman, United States.

April 18 – May 20, Model theory month in Münster, Germany.

April 19, SEEMOD Workshop 2, QMUL, London, United Kingdom.

May 09–11, PhDs in Logic VIII, Darmstadt, Germany.

May 12-13, New York Graduate Student Logic Conference, New York City, United States.

May 13, Géométrie et Théorie des Modèles, Paris, France.

May 18-20, ISMVL — International Symposium on Multiple-Valued Logic, Sapporo, Japan.

May 18-22, Antalya Algebra days 18, Sirince, Turkey.

May 23-26, ASL North American Annual Meeting, Storrs, Connecticut, United States.

June 02-03, Model theory of fields: derivations, orders and valuations . A conference in honour of Françoise Delon, Paris, France.

June 06-08, Second joint Conference of the Belgian, Royal Spanish and Luxembourg Mathematical Societies, La Rioja, Spain.

June 06- 24, Thematic Program on Model Theory, Notre Dame, Indiana, United States.

June 13-17, 9th Young Set Theory Workshop, Copenhagen, Denmark.

June 15-16, Boise extravaganza in set theory (BEST), San Diego, United States.

June 20-23, Conference in Set Theory and General Topology (SETTOP), Novi Sad, Serbia.

June 20-24, International Conference on Model Theory, Notre Dame, Indiana, United States.

June 20-24, Logica 2016, Hejnice, Czech Republic.

June 20-24 Computability, Randomness and applications, Marseille, France.

July 05-06, SEEMOD, Oxford, United Kingdom.

July 09-16, NASSLLI — North American Summer School in Logic, Language, and Information, New Brunswick, New Jersey, United States.

July 12–17, Set Theoretic Pluralism Symposium, University of Aberdeen, United Kingdom,

July 18-22, IMPAN conference: Transfinite methods in Banach spaces and algebras of operators, Bedlewo, Poland.

July 18-22, 7th European congress of mathematics, Berlin, Germany.

July 18-23, Summer School in Tame Geometry, U. of Konstanz, Germany.

July 18-23, FOMUS – Foundations of Mathematics: Univalent Foundations and Set Theory – What are Criteria for Suitable Foundations of Mathematics? Bielefeld, Germany.

July 18-27, IUT Summit, RIMS, Kyoto, Japan.

July 1829, Descriptive Inner Model Theory and HOD mice, UC Irvine, United States. 

July 25-29, Twelth symposium on general topology (TOPOSYM), Prague, Czech Republic.

July 25-29, Workshop on Interactions between Model Theory and Arithmetic Dynamics, Fields Institute, Toronto, Canada.

July 25 – August 5, Graduate Summer School in Set Theory, University of California Irvine, United States.

July 31 – August 06, Logic Colloquium, Leeds, United Kingdom.

August 02-06, Model theory: from fields to Hardy fields, Fields Institute, Toronto, Canada.

August 15-26, ESSLLI — Twenty-eighth European Summer School in Logic, Language and Information, Bolzano, Italy.

September 04-10, SSAOS (54th Summer School on General Algebra and Ordered Sets), Trojanovice, Czech Republic.

September 10-12, Colloquium Logicum, Hamburg, Germany.

September 19-23 Advanced course on large cardinals and strong logics, CRM Bellaterra, Barcelona, Spain.

September 21, Set Theory Workshop: Generalised Baire spaces, Bonn , Germany.

September 26-30, 2016 Workshop on Set-theoretical Aspects of the Model Theory of Strong Logics, CRM Bellaterra, Barcelona, Spain.

October 17-21 32nd International Conference on Logic Programming, New York, NY, United States.

October 20-23, Set theory workshop, University of Illinois at Chicago, United States.

November 14-16, Workshop on the applications of strong logics in other areas of mathematics, CRM Bellaterra, Barcelona, Spain.

November 15-18, XIX International Conference of Logic Teaching, Mexico. 

November 28 – December 1, RIMS Workshop on Infinite Combinatorics and Forcing Theory, Kyoto, Japan.


January 5-7, Seventh Indian Conference on Logic and its Applications, Kanpur, India.

January 1 – June 30, Thematic Program on Unlikely Intersections, Heights, and Efficient Congruencing, Fields Institute, Toronto, Canada.

January 16-19, Model Theory and Applications, MONS, Belgium. 

Februray 12- 18, MFO Workshop — Set Theory, Oberwolfach, Germany.

April 30 – May 06, Workshop O-Minimality and its Applications to Number Theory and Analysis, Oberwolfach, Germany.

20-23, March,  ASL North American Annual Meeting, Boise, Idaho, United States.

19-23 June, Logica 2017, Hejnice, Czech Republic.

July 3 – 7, 6th European Set Theory Conference (6ESTC) , Alfréd Rényi Institute of Mathematics of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences, Budapest, Hungary.

July 29- Aug 04, Jensen 80th Birthday conference, TU Berlin, Germany.

August 7-11, NLS Summer School in Logic, Stockholm, Sweden.

August 13-19, MFO Workshop — Proof Complexity and Beyond, Oberwolfach, Germany.

August 14–20, Logic Colloquium 2017, Stockholm, Sweden.

August 20-24, 26th EACSL Annual Conference on Computer Science Logic CSL’2017, Stockholm, Sweden.

November 02-17, MFO Workshop — Mathematical Logic: Proof Theory, Constructive Mathematics, Oberwolfach, Germany.

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